Worst of Wedge LIVE 2018: A Year of “Disarray”

We saw a noticeable uptick in local gaffes in 2018. Some would attribute this disarray to the fact Minneapolis elected five new members to the City Council in 2017. Personally, I happen to subscribe to the old adage: “to bloop is human.” These bloopers served as the basis for Wedge LIVE’s least popular new segment in 2018.

1. Brand new Council Member Jeremy Schroeder embarrasses his family by referring to his committee as a “commission.”

2. New Council Member Jeremiah Ellison tries to close a public hearing, then realizes that he forgot to open it.

3. Council Member Phillipe Cunningham is new. Experienced elected officials know you’re not supposed to give a shit.

4. Minneapolis Planning Commission in disarray. Jono Cowgill’s hair is a renewable resource.

5. Lisa Goodman’s long wait for a quorum.

6. Lawyer forgets who he’s dealing with, refers to Lisa Goodman as “Your Honor.”

7. Disarray spreads to Richfield Planning Commission.

8. Resident urges Richfield Planning Commission to “take your head out of where the sun don’t shine.”

9. Jeremy Schroeder has a hard time realizing it’s over.

10. Another shameful performance by three-time blooperer Jeremy Schroeder.

11. Gaffe-machine Cam Gordon rubs hands noisily into the microphone then almost comes out in support of legalizing mobile homes.

12. Minneapolis Planning Commissioner Nick Magrino causes man to stand up in disgust while woman tosses her protest sign to the ground.

13. Cam Gordon, known for being the most amiable member of the city council, is transformed into a wild man on live TV. Context here.

14. Neither of these buffoons realize that CD = Celine Dion.

15. Richfield Planning Commission achieves new levels of disarray.

16. Council Member Linea Palmisano exceeds the time alloted by the beepy timer (bonus blooper: the Park Board livestream quality looks and sounds like a jailhouse arraignment video).

17. Cam Gordon turns budget hearing into painful comedy routine.