2018: A Look Back at the Year that Was

2018 was a big year. The year of Minneapolis 2040. The year of the Red Yard Sign. The year Wedge LIVE was declared “Best Website in the Twin Cities.” The year that an elected official tried to shut down this website by attempting to trademark the name “Wedge Live.” The year that same elected official couldn’t stop barking “Balls!” during meetings at city hall.

Let’s take a look back at some of 2018’s top local moments.


Minneapolis prepares for Super Bowl LII

Pre-Super Bowl festivities include Mayor Frey ziplining across the Mississippi into the arms of a sasquatch.

Zoning reform becomes hot topic


Saying goodbye to the Uptown Arby’s

Uproar in Uptown over apartments


First draft of Minneapolis 2040 teases the end of single-family zoning

March 22: City publishes plan to roll back exclusionary zoning and allow fourplexes citywide.

DFL convention season becomes a procedural morass

Lumberjack fashion


Wedge LIVE recognized as Best Website in the Twin Cities

Fit young planners begin accepting feedback on Minneapolis 2040


Richfield residents fight back in defense of single-family zoning

Cat density becomes hot topic


Richard Painter’s Senate campaign commercial

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Neighborhood author hits it big with “Tearable Puns”

Hennepin Ave begins reconstruction

Zoning battle escalates to yard sign battle

“_______ is not Uptown” bumper stickers 


Random guy popularizes the phrase “white pastoralism” — very aggrieved white people spend months misattributing the quote to the city’s director of Long-Range Planning, Heather Worthington

Vacation homeowner registers protest at the Planning Commission

Planning Commissioner Nick Magrino heckled mercilessly

Planning Commission endures series of marathon 5 hour meetings

Mitra Jalali Nelson gives us hope for St. Paul

Exclusionary zoning has roots in the Jurassic


Wedge LIVE brings world-famous cat tour to Whittier

The moment I found out an elected official was coming to take my property

Political advertising achieves new lows


“Marginalized group” holds anti-2040 plan press conference

Mayor Frey stars in soothing meditation video

Mitra Jalali Nelson sworn in as last, best hope for St. Paul


SHOCKER: Anti-bulldozing legal battle is run by guy who bulldozed his house to build a bigger house

A lawn sign opposes the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo: Tony Webster)

“Don’t Bulldoze” yard signs in protest Mpls 2040 plan, instead of the McMansion teardown next door.

Red yard signs grow increasingly apocalyptic

Unsung hero of the 2040 plan debate


2018’s most controversial Halloween costume


Angela Conley has her face carved into pumpkin by Wedge LIVE — making her a virtual lock to defeat incumbent Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin

SHOCKER: Cam Gordon reveals Canadian ancestry

Hennepin County elects first ever Commissioners of color: Angela Conley and Irene Fernando; Dave Hutch defeats Trumper Sheriff Rich Stanek

Mayors prepare for plowing season

First-year Council Member Phillipe Cunningham coins a new catch phrase in war of words with Southwest Minneapolis

Signs keep getting bigger

The ultimate *Racism is Over* testimony against the 2040 plan

Amazing Split-Screens

Cam Gordon tries to email Lisa Goodman

Meanwhile in St. Paul: Residents fight sidewalks

Hennepin Ave re-opens; Uptown gets a mid-block crossing

Live from City Hall: Resident wears body armor at the podium

Council takes $1 million from Mayor’s recommended police budget; puts that money into community-based violence prevention efforts


2040 plan approved by overwhelming City Council vote

Locally controversial 2040 plan becomes nationally heralded 2040 plan

Local newsman prevails in legal wrangling against elected official who tried to steal the name “Wedge Live”