The mayor’s race is a false flag

It’s pretty sad that you care about this llama dressed as a biker more than you care about the city council election.

I wrote a whole thing about the mayor’s race, and I hope you didn’t read it. Don’t let establishment media figures like myself use the mayoral sideshow to distract you from what matters in 2017. I’m here to tell you: the mayor’s race is a false flag.

MAYORAL UPDATE: Carol Becker’s dumb lawsuit against Mayor Hodges goes up in flames; Carol Becker declares victory, says “Judge agrees with me.”

City council races are by far the most consequential elections happening in Minneapolis this year. Minneapolis has a weak mayor system. The biggest thing at stake this year is whether we return in 2018 with Team Barb running the council. There’s a vast difference between a council majority led by a President Barb vs a President Bender (to use a wildly random example).

What you do as an individual over the next two months matters. Here’s why. There were only 3,621 ballots cast in Ward 5 in 2013 (the lowest turnout in Minneapolis). How many voters can you bring to the polls by volunteering for the next two months? Easily enough to tip the balance, even in higher turnout wards.

City council elections are hyperlocal battles: neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block, person by person. Pick a competitive city council race to volunteer for—right now—while there’s still time to make a difference. If your city council ward isn’t competitive, find a candidate in another ward to volunteer for/donate to. (Find your ward here)

Below is a list of campaigns in pivotal “swing” wards. The incumbents in these wards all pledged allegiance to Barb after the 2013 election.

Where to Help in 2017

Ward 1 (5,942 ballots cast in 2013)
Incumbent: Kevin Reich 👎👎👎👎
Bio: Tool of Barb.

Jillia Pessenda: website / volunteer / donate
John Hayden: website / volunteer / donate

Ward 4 (3,940 ballots cast in 2013)
Incumbent: Barb Johnson 👎👎👎👎👎
Bio: Council President; thinks garage apartments cause prostitution.

Phillipe Cunningham: website / volunteer / donate
Stephanie Gasca: website / volunteer / donate

Ward 5 (3,621 ballots cast in 2013)
Incumbent: Blong Yang 👎👎👎👎
Bio: Endless whining; seems to hate his job; pretending to be DFL.

Jeremiah Ellison: website / volunteer / donate
Raeisha Williams: website / volunteer / donate

Ward 7 (6,594 ballots cast in 2013)
Incumbent: Lisa Goodman 👎👎👎👎👎
Bio: Stands against all that is good.

Janne Flisrand: website / volunteer / donate
Teqen Zea-Aida: website / volunteer / donate

Ward 11 (7,494 ballots cast in 2013)
Incumbent: John Quincy 👎👎👎
Bio: Finger in the wind.

Erica Mauter: website / volunteer / donate
Jeremy Schroeder: website / volunteer / donate

👎 – Not Great
👎👎 – Oof
👎👎👎 – Bad
👎👎👎👎 – Pretty Bad
👎👎👎👎👎 – The Worst

FAQ: Are you endorsing these challengers? These are not endorsements; these are only ideas for where your volunteer time or donations could be prioritized if you are so inclined. (You are welcome to spend your time volunteering for Barb or Lisa Goodman. But I can’t find links that would allow a regular person to volunteer for Barb or Lisa Goodman.)

FAQ: Shouldn’t we focus energy on one challenger per ward? Ranked choice voting is a thing! Splitting the vote between a few challengers doesn’t automatically accrue to the benefit of an incumbent.

FAQ: I still don’t know which candidate to help. Send me a DM or email, and I will help guide you to the right candidate.

FAQ: Where can I find a complete list of candidates on the ballot in Minneapolis this year? Right here.

FAQ: How do I donate to Barb? I refuse to help Barb pay for her cable TV, internet, landline and cell phone service by linking to her donate page.

FAQ: Is it true that Wedge LIVE is conducting a write-in campaign against Carol Becker? Yes it’s true! Instead of voting for Carol Becker, please write in “Wedge LIVE” on your ballot for Board of Estimate and Taxation.

Register to vote.

Key dates:

Early voting starts September 22.
Election day is November 7.

Upcoming city council candidate forums:
Ward 1: Sept 13
Ward 3: Sept 6 / Sept 18
Ward 4: Sept 14 / Oct 3
Ward 7: Sept 6 / Sept 19 / Sept 25 / Sept 28
Ward 8: Oct 4
Ward 9: Sept 9 / Sept 19
Ward 11: Sept 21