Send us your not-driving horror stories

Frustrated Man

Do you have a bus ride that takes three times longer than if you drove a car instead? Have you ever had to lug a bike upstairs because secure bike parking (or any bike parking) is just impossible to find? Are you frequently run off the road, or out of a crosswalk, by a suburban lawyer driving too fast on the way to storing his car in some remarkably cheap real estate in a downtown parking garage?

Stories about how hard it is to park are giving the impression that non-parkers are a bunch of freeloaders. You and I know that just isn’t the case! Not driving is hard. We should complain about it more.

I need you to send me stories that are sadder than this guy’s:

Non-parkers should promote their horror stories too.

DM or email me your not-driving horror stories for a chance to be featured on Wedge LIVE as a poster child for how amazingly easy it is to drive in Minneapolis—compared to, like, every single other way of getting around.