Cats of the Wedge Historic Walking Tour

Today is the day. Over 100 people have committed to attend, or have committed to be “interested” in attending, the first ever cat-based historic walking tour in the Wedge neighborhood’s very historic history.

Cats of the Wedge Historic Walking Tour
Mueller Park (25th & Bryant)
Thursday, June 29, 7:00 PM

Let me say one thing to reassure all those who have asked whether this is a real event: this is a real event. If this wasn’t a real event, would it have an Official Route that has been measured at over 1.9 miles long? It would not. Pretend events don’t have Official Routes, nor do they have Official Route Maps.

I’m going to be honest. As your host for the evening, I’m hoping for a smallish crowd. Many people say the Wedge has too many people already. And I have done zero legwork consulting with the various neighborhood committees who are responsible for being agitated over a lack of parking.

After the tour, you’re invited to attend a special event called “Wedge LIVE: After the Cats” which will take place at the Lynhall, located at 27th and Lyndale, where you can purchase drinks or food. We will break into discussion groups to talk about our experience of the preceding 60-90 minutes of walking around the neighborhood. This will be a chance to celebrate our successes, reflect on our failures, and brainstorm ideas for how we can do better in the future.

Disclaimer: While we believe that cats are likely to occur, we can’t guarantee you will see any cats on the Cats of the Wedge Historic Walking Tour.

Transportation Info (tour begins at Mueller Park – 25th & Bryant Ave)
🚌 Bus: Routes 2, 4, 6, 17, and 21 provide service to the Wedge
🚴 Bike: The Wedge neighborhood is served by the Midtown Greenway and the Bryant Ave bike blvd, though we recommend you take regular streets, break all the laws, and slow down traffic.
🚗 Car: Please park your car on the 2400 block of Bryant Ave. Those people deserve it.