Blundering Ward 10 candidate David Schorn earns endorsement, goofs announcement

Indorsement Alert

Ward 10 candidate David Schorn has been “indorsed” by the Minneapolis Police Federation, according to the “Schorn for Ward 10” campaign Facebook page. Many observers were amused by the fact that Schorn, having already committed a number of blunders in the early days of his campaign, misspelled “endorsed” on his Facebook header image.

He could add “Indorsed by the cops” to his acronym to make something more fun. “SPIRE”? “RIPES”? “PIERS”?

— Robin Garwood (@RobinGarwood) July 2, 2017

Setting aside the other graphic design travesties, I’m pretty sure he can’t use the MPD logo, right? How illegal is this?

— David Cook (@divergentdave) July 2, 2017

The Schorn endorsement is surprising because not even the staunchly law-and-order Barb Johnson lists the Minneapolis Police union as an endorsing organization on her website (Maybe she asked them not to? Maybe she knows it’s nothing to brag about?). I’m unaware of any Minneapolis candidates listing the police union as an endorser.

The current Ward 10 council member, Lisa Bender, is enthusiastically pro-police reform. So it’s to be expected that the police union would endorse a Bender opponent. But it’s a little surprising that any union would endorse Schorn, an extremely unqualified candidate who lists no policy positions related to policing on his Facebook page (Schorn has no website or detailed positions on any issues, other than an acronym on his header image).

I’m curious what David Schorn told Bob Kroll’s Police Federation to get their endorsement that he’s not telling the public.