History teacher turned Council candidate David Schorn blunders all the facts in July 4th tribute to Founding Fathers

John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence
David Schorn’s July Fourth tribute to the Founding Fathers turned into yet another blunder. According to his bio, Schorn spent three decades teaching history and government to unsuspecting children. Now he’s prepared to unleash his total ignorance on Ward 10.

Schorn’s Fake Fact #1: The idea that John Adams was stepping on Thomas Jefferson’s toes is not a real thing that happened, nor was it intended as symbolism by the painter. It’s just a really old painting, exposed to the elements, and subjected to primitive methods of restoration that have altered its appearance.
Schorn’s Fake Fact #2: While there is an actual myth that someone in the painting is stomping on toes, David Schorn can’t even be faithful to made up history. Schorn says that it’s Adams stepping on Jefferson. But the more typical, and completely made up story people tell about this painting is that Jefferson paid the painter to depict Jefferson stepping on Adams, in order to show that he “dominated” him.
Schorn’s Fake Fact #3: Schorn says the aggressive toe mashing happened during the “long pose,” as if Jefferson and Adams were standing there together in silence, unable to move, battling each other with their feet. The truth is the work on this painting started 10 years after the event it depicts, and the subjects were painted individually, either from “life or life portraits.”

Schorn’s Fake Fact #4: Schorn says John Adams was the “key writer” of the Declaration of Independence. This is not true. I’m not a historian, but I googled it to verify my own hazy notions. By all accounts Jefferson was the primary author. I can’t even find a mythical basis for saying Adams was the real author.

Remember: David Schorn was a history teacher! Now he’s running for City Council and wants you to believe low rental vacancy rates are made up and we don’t actually need more housing. And also his Facebook banner still says “indorsed” by the Police Federation.

Blundering Ward 10 candidate David Schorn earns endorsement, goofs announcement

Indorsement Alert

Ward 10 candidate David Schorn has been “indorsed” by the Minneapolis Police Federation, according to the “Schorn for Ward 10” campaign Facebook page. Many observers were amused by the fact that Schorn, having already committed a number of blunders in the early days of his campaign, misspelled “endorsed” on his Facebook header image.

He could add “Indorsed by the cops” to his acronym to make something more fun. “SPIRE”? “RIPES”? “PIERS”?

— Robin Garwood (@RobinGarwood) July 2, 2017

Setting aside the other graphic design travesties, I’m pretty sure he can’t use the MPD logo, right? How illegal is this?

— David Cook (@divergentdave) July 2, 2017

The Schorn endorsement is surprising because not even the staunchly law-and-order Barb Johnson lists the Minneapolis Police union as an endorsing organization on her website (Maybe she asked them not to? Maybe she knows it’s nothing to brag about?). I’m unaware of any Minneapolis candidates listing the police union as an endorser.

The current Ward 10 council member, Lisa Bender, is enthusiastically pro-police reform. So it’s to be expected that the police union would endorse a Bender opponent. But it’s a little surprising that any union would endorse Schorn, an extremely unqualified candidate who lists no policy positions related to policing on his Facebook page (Schorn has no website or detailed positions on any issues, other than an acronym on his header image).

I’m curious what David Schorn told Bob Kroll’s Police Federation to get their endorsement that he’s not telling the public.

Tom Hoch rides wave of cash and fawning media coverage, achieving “plausible” status

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Like me, you may be grappling with the question: Why should I take mayoral candidate Tom Hoch seriously? He’s kind of an uninspiring figure, running a conservative campaign by Minneapolis standards, and I don’t know a single person who’s supporting him.

First, let’s talk about Hoch’s campaign and message. He’s positioned himself as the fiscally conservative candidate. At a mayoral forum on June 15, Hoch said he wants “property taxes at as low a level as possible.” This is consistent with Hoch’s constant social media pronouncements referencing Minneapolis homeowners overburdened by property taxes. No other candidate hits the property tax message as hard and consistently as Hoch.

On housing, Hoch presents himself as the candidate most skeptical of building new housing in Minneapolis. At that same June 15 forum (hosted by a non-profit formed by the wealthy, white residents of tall condo towers because they needed an entity to file a lawsuit to stop the construction of a slightly taller condo tower) he pandered to people he says have told him, “If I wanted to move to Brooklyn, I would have moved to Brooklyn.” He’s tweeted that people have told him “we’re over the tipping-point” in terms of growth.

Tom Hoch recounts these conversations, without challenging the content of these statements, because he is intentionally running a campaign that’s targeted at residents resistant to change. If that’s how he campaigns, that’s who he’ll favor once in office.

But if you really want to learn about Tom Hoch, you need to go to the tweets. Tom Hoch’s Twitter account is unlike any other politician in Minneapolis. Every week or so, his social media team fires off a few dozen tweets, containing many of the same talking points he tweeted the week before, and the week before that. It’s repetitive, but also instructive. Here are the big themes from Hoch’s tweets:

1. “Food could help bridge the urban-rural divide.”
My favorite Hochism is the constant call for briding the urban-rural divide with food. I suppose it’s a call for healing in the Trump-era. But it’s a weird thing to keep saying over and over, especially when you’re running explicitly to become the “first gay Mayor of Minneapolis,” a job title that’s sure to make you the most hated man in rural Minnesota.

2. Hoch has an exclusively negative outlook on a minimum wage increase.
Tom Hoch’s message on the minimum wage is always negative, never positive. He never calls for raising the wage. His public attitude is resignation that a wage increase will happen, while also warning of its “consequences.” It’s great to be prepared for the unexpected, but the universal negativity makes it hard to believe he supports raising the wage, even though that’s his official position (I think).

3. “FYI: the Nicollet Mall project is NOT on time.”

Would be wild if @TomHochMpls based half of his campaign on complaining about Nicollet Mall, when hey look: https://t.co/wg700GVLgD pic.twitter.com/oqyundLcib

— Ben Somogyi (@brsomogyi) June 24, 2017

4. Tom Hoch vows to never consult with colleagues via text message.
This is a finger-wag at Mayor Hodges for circumstances surrounding her rescinding Police Chief Janee Harteau’s appointment of John Delmonico as Inspector of the MPD’s 4th Precinct. Tom Hoch wants you to know he has a problem with the early 21st-century practice of consulting with colleagues via text message. But Tom Hoch has never said whether he has a problem with Chief Harteau putting a widely reviled police figure in one of the most sensitive law enforcement jobs in Minneapolis (Delmonico is the man who helped kick off #pointergate, a contrived scandal premised on the racist idea that an obviously innocent gesture showed a black man to be a dangerous criminal.)

Now, the question: why should we pay attention to this uninspiring campaign? After months of fading into the background, Hoch recently started spending lots of money on advertising and expensive campaign swag. His campaign produced a large number of Wheaties-style “cereal boxes” (containing mints, not cereal) to distribute during Pride weekend. The campaign sponsored an issue of Lavender Magazine. Hoch’s most visible spending was for a (plagiarized) television commercial, currently running on local broadcast and cable channels. No other candidate has a TV ad.

Tom Hoch’s plagiarized TV ad.

Tom Hoch’s giant rolling cereal box at the Minneapolis Pride parade.
(video produced by Wedge LIVE, not Tom Hoch’s campaign)

First impression. Little white balls aren’t gonna bridge the urban rural divide. #unboxing pic.twitter.com/q8G8qKGe13

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) June 24, 2017

Hennepin Ave littered with Tom Hoch cereal boxes, discarded after parade watchers realize they contain no food. #HochHoax pic.twitter.com/79dKEzD594

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) June 25, 2017

Lavender Magazine, brought to you by Tom Hoch.

Hoch’s spending stands out as extravagant — some would say wasteful or desperate — but it’s earning his campaign at least some return on investment. Consider the free, uncritical media coverage Hoch has received as a result of his TV commercial. There were two stories on WCCO alone (12).

During a fluffy WCCO-TV interview with Esme Murphy on Sunday, Hoch and his husband repeatedly called the ad “authentic.” Considering this was an interview focused entirely on a candidate’s television ad, Murphy should have asked how Hoch can present himself as the “creative” candidate at the same time he’s plagiarizing another politician’s commercial.

And it’s not just WCCO that’s inclined to take it easy on Hoch. The Star Tribune wrote about Hoch’s ad, but very generously called it a “spoof” rather than a blatant rip off.

Mark and I were interviewed by Esme Murphy of WCCO! pic.twitter.com/MzYucFgp2O

— Tom Hoch (@TomHochMpls) June 25, 2017

Another reason to pay attention to Tom Hoch: he’s got an unregistered, and therefore illegal, anonymous right-wing PAC supporting his campaign on Facebook. The “Anyone But Betsy” page became somewhat prominent on Facebook for spending a lot of money on ads against Mayor Hodges, racking up thousands of likes. In addition to criticism of the mayor, the page has also increasingly singled out Tom Hoch for praise.
Anyone But Betsy But Hopefully Tom Hoch pic.twitter.com/evKRBjESqK

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) June 27, 2017


If the race for mayor remains a muddled field of candidates following a likely no-endorsement at the DFL City Convention in July, Tom Hoch could be well-positioned. Lack of money won’t be the thing that stops his campaign from competing all the way to November (finance report deadlines mean that we won’t see what Hoch’s spent or who’s funding his campaign until August). There’s no reason to think Hoch won’t continue to be the beneficiary of uncritical media attention, like his WCCO appearance to gripe about Nicollet Mall or the two WCCO stories focused on his (plagiarized) television commercial. All of which means the most conservative of the plausible candidates for Mayor of Minneapolis might have better odds than you think.

Tenth Ward Update: Candidate David Schorn blunders into Ward 10 City Council race

This is the second part of an ongoing series about the hapless white dude city council candidates of Ward 10. Read Part I here.

A guy named David Schorn has entered the race for the Ward 10 City Council seat currently held by Lisa Bender. Schorn is the second candidate to announce a challenge to Bender.

Here are some quick facts about David Schorn that you can pick up from his campaign Facebook page. First, he doesn’t know where Ward 10 is. He thinks the Lyndale neighborhood is in Ward 10 (close, but it’s actually next door in Ward 8). Geography isn’t his strong suit, but he is able to list wrestling, football, tennis, running, swimming, and weight training on his candidate resume.

Schorn was elected to the neighborhood association board (LHENA) on April 19th. He started campaigning for City Council on April 24th on nextdoor.com. The problem is LHENA bylaws prohibit candidates for office from sitting on the board (he still hasn’t resigned). This has led some observers to say that David Schorn is bad at planning for the immediate future.
David Schorn is also badly misinformed about Wedge neighborhood controversies involving the local developers known as “The Turkey Guys.” First, some things you need to know about the Turkey Guys: 1) they made lots of money selling turkey sandwiches at the state fair; 2) they own and build rental housing in the neighborhood, such as the world famous Rocket House; and 3) they are the subject of controversy among a special contingent of concerned residents (not for their sandwiches, but for their houses).
I suspect that new candidate David Schorn (who seems like he’s only just begun to grapple with many issues) has recently been exposed to a lot of turkey talk: as in, Turkey Guys did this and Turkey Guys did that. This may have caused Schorn some confusion. As you can see in this exclusive screenshot obtained by Wedge LIVE, David Schorn thinks the Turkey Guys are from Turkey the country, instead of  Turkey-To-Go, the booth at the state fair.

Private Facebook reply from Schorn campaign page.

Turkey the sandwich, not Turkey the country

Schorn also has some terrible policy ideas. He would like to solve our housing affordability crisis (which is driven largely by a housing shortage) by stopping housing from being built. And what does the slogan “Parking and Traffic Solutions” mean? Not even David Schorn can tell you. These aren’t really policy ideas so much as local issue buzzwords combined into a terrible acronym on his campaign’s dasharez0ne-style Facebook header.

Someone pointed out to me that David Schorn is the @dasharez0ne candidate. #daSchornz0ne pic.twitter.com/yjbjIifMNh

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) June 14, 2017

David Schorn is a “low vacancy rate” denier.
Also troubling, considering Schorn’s slogan is “Listening to Neighbors,” is his disregard for the rules of the neighborhood electoral process. In a story you’ll only see reported on Wedge LIVE, David Schorn cast an illegal vote at a CARAG meeting last night. Schorn is not a resident of the CARAG neighborhood and is therefore ineligible to vote at CARAG meetings.

And let’s not forget there is a second Not Lisa Bender candidate in Ward 10 named Scott Fine, who announced his campaign in February. Fine is a web developer with no candidate website, no obvious signs of an active campaign, and he can no longer be reached by phone. Neither Schorn nor Fine have yet registered a campaign committee with Hennepin County; until they do so, both candidates are prohibited from spending or raising more than $100 on their pretend campaigns.

2017 Wedge LIVE / MSP yimby Candidate Survey

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Raymond Dehn (DFL)
Jacob Frey (DFL)
Tom Hoch (DFL)
Betsy Hodges (DFL)
Aswar Rahman (DFL)
Nekima Levy-Pounds (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 1
Jillia Pessenda (DFL)
Zachary Wefel (DFL)
Kevin Reich (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 2
Cam Gordon (Green)

Ward 3
Steven Fletcher (DFL)
Ginger Jentzen (Socialist)
Cordelia Pierson (DFL)
Samantha Pree-Stinson (Green)

Ward 4
Phillipe Cunningham (DFL)
Stephanie Gasca (DFL)
Barb Johnson (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 5
Jeremiah Ellison (DFL) – NO RESPONSE
Raeisha Williams (DFL – NO RESPONSE
Blong Yang (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 6
Abdi Warsame (DFL) – NO RESPONSE
Mohamud Noor (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 7 
Janne Flisrand (DFL)
Lisa Goodman (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 8
Andrea Jenkins (DFL)
Terry White (Green)

Ward 9
Gary Schiff (DFL)
Alondra Cano (DFL) – NO RESPONSE
Mohamed Farah (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 10
Lisa Bender (DFL)
Scott Fine (?) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 11
Erica Mauter (DFL)
Jeremy Schroeder (DFL)
John Quincy (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 12
Andrew Johnson (DFL)

Ward 13
Adam Faitek (DFL)
Linea Palmisano (DFL)

Minneapolis 2017: Campaign Digest #2

This will get you caught up on all the Minneapolis election news that’s happened since the last campaign digest.


Jacob Frey recently spoke Somali in front of a crowd of Somalis, and you can see he’s feeling pretty triumphant about that.

Mayor Hodges came out against the tip penalty/credit. Stephanie March—who “eats out professionally, on multiple days every week”responded with a poorly conceived open letter suggesting women who are sexually harassed in the restaurant industry knew what they were signing up for.

I got to the bottom of why Stephanie March is so bent out of shape over the minimum wage: she and her husband could’ve paid their restaurant workers zero dollars per hour and still gone out of business.

Ward 1

Incumbent Kevin Reich used a photo of himself behind Alondra Cano in a campaign email intended to promote his commitment to “diversity.” This is a strange thing to do because Reich is out of focus in the background, and Cano wants nothing to do with his campaign.

@WedgeLIVE I was never asked by his campaign to approve this nor do I endorse him. Im disappointed his campaign used my image in this way

— Alondra Cano (@People4Alondra) February 17, 2017

Kevin isn’t subtle.

Reich is touting his pro-bike credentials on his recently created Twitter account. He’s hoping the hashtag #Reich4Bikes will make us forget about his vote on 3rd Ave.

Ward 2

The poll, conducted in the Second Ward last week, was commissioned by Minneapolis DFL Chair Dan McConnell without consulting the central committee. The potential candidate who would run against Gordon is McConnell’s wife, Becky Boland, secretary of the Minneapolis DFL.

This is notable because the non-DFL Cam Gordon actually pushes for stuff that’s in the DFL platform, but actual DFLers Barb and Lisa Goodman roadblock. Also of concern is the fact that the DFL Chair is privately spending $2,000 on a poll to benefit his wife, while publicly saying the organization has barely enough money to pay for routine democracy, like caucuses and conventions.

Ward 3

In a profile of Ward 3 candidates in the Journal, Cordelia Pierson isn’t sure about her position on the minimum wage.

There’s more certainty on Pierson’s website, where she says, “I support a $15 wage for full-time workers…” But then you come to the next paragraph, and she’s back to hedging, saying she’s “firmly committed to shaping this policy” to avoid “negative results.” If you happen to run into Pierson, you should ask her about the minimum wage.


Minneapolis’ most prominent Trump supporter, LA Nik, announced his campaign for city council. I was quick to demand an explanation for his gaffes, and he has done so in my YouTube comments.

Ward 4

Classic Barb Johnson Moment:

If you find that you’re experiencing too much Barb during this election season, you could support one of Barb’s opponents: Phillipe Cunningham and Stephanie Gasca.

— R↯an (@pyry) February 17, 2017

Find someone who looks at you the way the woman in Barb’s Facebook cover photo looks at Barb. pic.twitter.com/IbVWlnKcGf

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) March 4, 2017

Ward 5

Can you tell the difference between Blong’s logo and a shopping bag?

Blong’s logo is a shopping bag.

Ward 7

I checked whether Lisa Goodman’s website matches reality. I have determined that Goodman hates your annoying garden.


Ward 9

When we last checked in on Ward 9—after the trouble at Gary Schiff’s pancake party—I was telling you to not get involved. Since then we’ve gone from pancakes to puppets. Here’s what Gary Schiff wrote on his campaign Facebook page, firing back at accusations from incumbent Alondra Cano that he had perpetrated puppet impropriety:

…the dates for puppet-making workshops are Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in April. The day of the convention is, in fact, the only Saturday before May Day that does not have a scheduled puppet workshop.

Ward 9 is expected to remain a hazardous area at least through April 4th. We see a high probability of “Open Letter” conditions on Facebook. We continue to recommend that civilian populations not get involved.

Ward 10

On February 15, Scott Fine announced he would challenge Lisa Bender for the DFL nomination. Over the next two weeks, there were no visible signs of a Fine campaign. Everything was not fine; the web developer candidate didn’t even have a website. Then, on February 27th he announced he was withdrawing from the DFL race, citing unspecified “recent events,” and would proceed straight to the November general election.

A few days later, an insider attending a Bender fundraiser sent me this:

🎶You used to call me on my scott fone.🎶

Looking ahead to March 8th, Lisa Bender will be hosting the Ward 10 Minneapolis Mayoral Forum. It might seem a little unusual for a city council member to host a mayoral forum, and to promote it with her campaign’s branding. Lisa Bender is an evil genius who’s gotten the candidates for mayor to appear with her, at her own event, giving the appearance they’re all endorsing her re-election (and they will surely regret it when Scott Fine gets his shit together).

Ward 13

Adam Faitek is mounting a late challenge to Linea Palmisano, a little more than a month away from the April 4th DFL caucuses. Faitek is positioning himself as the progressive alternative to Palmisano.

Tenth Ward Preview: Scott Fine is running for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 10

Scott Fine is running for Minneapolis City Council against Lisa Bender in Ward 10.

We’ll start with a few things about our current council member. I find this endorsement of Lisa Bender very persuasive:

In three short years, she has passed more progressive ordinances than other Council Members have managed to pass in two or three whole terms. Parking reform, ADUs, flexibility for homeless shelters, a nation-leading Complete Streets policy, parklets, sick and safe time, relaxing regulations for beekeeping… I could go on, but won’t.

The quality I appreciate most in a politician is the sense that they are running for office because they care about policies more than just the idea of getting elected. Lisa Bender cares about policy; she wants to make those policies happen; and she’s talented enough to have been successful making them happen in her first three years in office. Most importantly, she inspires enough confidence in her colleagues that they’re willing to follow her lead.

Lisa Bender has a challenger in the 10th Ward this year. His name is Scott Fine. His campaign Facebook page describes him as a web developer who’s lived and rented in Ward 10 since 1970.

Guy on twitter makes this observation:

@WedgeLIVE “I’m a web developer.”
*Launches campaign with FB page only*

— Scott Shaffer (@scttdvd) February 16, 2017

In terms of Scott Fine’s policy, advocacy, or activist experience, this is all there is:

That sounds like I’m being unfair. But you can check for yourself.

Fine highlights “Democratic Neighborhoods” as one of his top three issues. I’ve been covering neighborhood politics since the last election in 2013, and I have never come across Scott Fine.
It’s also notable that Scott Fine is from the Wedge neighborhood. Ward 10 has many neighborhoods, including CARAG, Whittier, ECCO, and East Harriet. But recently, all our council candidates are Wedge-based. Lisa Bender is from the Wedge. Lisa Bender’s predecessor, Meg Tuthill, is from the Wedge. We should be very proud of this. Other neighborhoods should be ashamed for making the Wedge neighborhood do all the council membering.
You might be wondering:
  • Is Scott Fine’s candidacy propped up by the forces of the Wedge Shitstorm? I’m pretty sure.
  • Has HGTV’s Nicole Curtis “stockpiled” her money to write a $600 check to his campaign? I wouldn’t count on Nicole Curtis to pay up on her promises.

What’s Going on in Ward 9?

(For Minneapolis election year news beyond Ward 9, read this post.)

Gary Schiff announced his campaign to challenge Ward 9 Council Member Alondra Cano a little more than a week ago. Schiff held the Ward 9 seat until running for Mayor in 2013. Since his announcement, a series of open letters have been addressed to Schiff on Facebook questioning the legitimacy of his candidacy.

All of these “Dear Gary” letters pretty convincingly argue that Gary Schiff is a white guy. The phrase “white supremacy” is used. Comparisons to Trump are made.

(Please note: Wedge LIVE isn’t getting involved in Ward 9.)

On Sunday, Schiff held his campaign kickoff/pancake party/birthday bash (happy birthday, Gary!). The event was attended by a handful of Alondra supporters, who refused to eat pancakes–but did pass out a printed copy of a “Dear Gary” letter originally posted to Facebook.

In the aftermath, Mayoral candidate and current Ward 3 Council Member Jacob Frey (who by all accounts did partake in pancakes), became embroiled in the controversy. A Facebook user who says he was among the people distributing the letter, alleges Frey checked the “endorse” box on the sign-in sheet at Shiff’s event. Frey denies endorsing Schiff.

Again, Wedge LIVE is advising readers to steer clear of dangerous conditions in Ward 9.

@IanAlltyr – didn’t endorse. Was there for his birthday as he’s a friend and I respect him.

— Jacob Frey (@Jacob_Frey) February 6, 2017

In other Ward 9 news: Alondra Cano releases City Hall security camera footage, along with a letter of reprimand from Council President Barb Johnson.

Yet more Ward 9 news: A Ward 9 candidate you may not have heard of is raising a lot of money and spending it in surprising ways.
Most surprising City Council campaign finance report is Mohamed Farah’s.

-Raised $23,000
-Paid $1200/mo in rent
-Held $3500 kickoff event. pic.twitter.com/ygityWGaU5

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) February 3, 2017

Ward 9 Fact: The Hennepin County emergency sirens that sound off at 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month are intended to warn local residents of the threat posed by getting involved in Ward 9.

Continuing Coverage: Ward 9 Logo Disaster
New Gary Schiff Design Evokes Image of Man Beaten to Death With His Own Birthday Pancakes

CAUTION: After reading the Ward 9 update, you may be tempted to get involved–do not do so.

Minneapolis 2017: Campaign Digest

First, a public service announcement: City Council incumbents of varying degrees of bad are being challenged in Wards 1, 4, 5, 7, and 11.

DFL caucuses are April 4th. Consider donating, volunteering and–especially–caucusing for one of the challengers in these races. 2017 is your last chance to decide which candidates get to spend the next four years making decisions about police reform, transit, zoning, bikes, and whatever other local stuff you care about.

City government is the easiest level of politics for one person (you!) to have an impact. This is your moment!

Ward 1: Jillia PessendaZach Wefel (incumbent Kevin Reich)
Ward 4: Phillipe Cunningham, Stephanie Gasca (incumbent Barb Johnson)
Ward 5: Jeremiah Ellison (incumbent Blong Yang)
Ward 7: Janne Flisrand (incumbent Lisa Goodman)
Ward 11: Erica MauterJeremy Schroeder (incumbent John Quincy)

Like the above races, Ward 9 is also competitive, but Wedge LIVE is advising the civilian population to evacuate the area. Do not get involved in this conflict. For details, read the Ward 9 update.

Fundraising. We’re still waiting to find out what Council President Barb Johnson spent on cable TV, internet, cell phone service, and landlines for her homes. Barb is traditionally late with her filing.

Yes Barb spends over $7100 in campaign funds on those things every year, but doesn’t pay anyone to file her reports on time. pic.twitter.com/cKguzYEF88

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) February 5, 2017

In Ward 7, Lisa Goodman has the biggest bank account of all the City Council incumbents. Fortunately, Janne Flisrand is challenging Goodman. Janne is the only candidate endorsed by Wedge LIVE. 

Here’s how Goodman is making her case to Ward 7 residents:

Lisa Goodman will probably spend $200,000 this year telling you how progressive she is, then spend 4 years acting like she never said it. pic.twitter.com/KpPhj7SmjA

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) February 3, 2017

Janne Flisrand is running against Lisa Goodman this year. You might find her flyer more believable. pic.twitter.com/TzxeizpH1u

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) February 3, 2017

Current Ward 3 Council Member Jacob Frey has decided to run for Mayor. His campaign got a boost when a campaign finance board ruled he could use the nearly $200,000 he raised as a City Council candidate for his Mayoral campaign.

The vacuum left by Frey in Ward 3 has been filled by a steady stream of candidates, most notably by Steven Fletcher (DFL), Cordelia Pierson (DFL), Samantha Pree-Stinson (Green Party), Ginger Jentzen (Socialist)–and many, many more.

The problem: nobody in the Ward 3 clown car is named Anton Schieffer. Schieffer is a nationally regarded YIMBY icon and fitness celebrity with over a decade of cyber security experience. Please join the “Draft Anton” movement by tweeting any of the following images using the hashtag #time4anton.

“Transgender candidates for Mpls. City Council seek a voice at the table.” The Star Tribune has a story about Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4) and Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8). Neither wants to focus their campaigns on the fact that they are transgender, but both are aware of the historical significance of their candidacies.

Mohamud Noor is reportedly challenging Ward 6 incumbent Abdi Warsame. Drama.