What’s Going on in Ward 9?

(For Minneapolis election year news beyond Ward 9, read this post.)

Gary Schiff announced his campaign to challenge Ward 9 Council Member Alondra Cano a little more than a week ago. Schiff held the Ward 9 seat until running for Mayor in 2013. Since his announcement, a series of open letters have been addressed to Schiff on Facebook questioning the legitimacy of his candidacy.

All of these “Dear Gary” letters pretty convincingly argue that Gary Schiff is a white guy. The phrase “white supremacy” is used. Comparisons to Trump are made.

(Please note: Wedge LIVE isn’t getting involved in Ward 9.)

On Sunday, Schiff held his campaign kickoff/pancake party/birthday bash (happy birthday, Gary!). The event was attended by a handful of Alondra supporters, who refused to eat pancakes–but did pass out a printed copy of a “Dear Gary” letter originally posted to Facebook.

In the aftermath, Mayoral candidate and current Ward 3 Council Member Jacob Frey (who by all accounts did partake in pancakes), became embroiled in the controversy. A Facebook user who says he was among the people distributing the letter, alleges Frey checked the “endorse” box on the sign-in sheet at Shiff’s event. Frey denies endorsing Schiff.

Again, Wedge LIVE is advising readers to steer clear of dangerous conditions in Ward 9.

@IanAlltyr – didn’t endorse. Was there for his birthday as he’s a friend and I respect him.

— Jacob Frey (@Jacob_Frey) February 6, 2017

In other Ward 9 news: Alondra Cano releases City Hall security camera footage, along with a letter of reprimand from Council President Barb Johnson.

Yet more Ward 9 news: A Ward 9 candidate you may not have heard of is raising a lot of money and spending it in surprising ways.
Most surprising City Council campaign finance report is Mohamed Farah’s.

-Raised $23,000
-Paid $1200/mo in rent
-Held $3500 kickoff event. pic.twitter.com/ygityWGaU5

— Wedge LIVE! (@WedgeLIVE) February 3, 2017

Ward 9 Fact: The Hennepin County emergency sirens that sound off at 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month are intended to warn local residents of the threat posed by getting involved in Ward 9.

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CAUTION: After reading the Ward 9 update, you may be tempted to get involved–do not do so.