2021 Minneapolis Candidate Endorsements

I’ll link to longer endorsements as I write them, but thought I’d put this list out if you’re the kind of person who absolutely needed to vote early.

Charter Questions
Question 1 – NO (mayoral control)
Question 2 – YES (public safety)
Question 3 – YES (rent stabilization)

City Council
Ward 1 – Elliott Payne
Ward 2 – Cam Gordon
Ward 3 – Steve Fletcher
Ward 4 – Phillipe Cunningham
Ward 5 – Jeremiah Ellison
Ward 7 – Nick Kor
Ward 9 – Jason Chavez
Ward 10 – Katie Jones
Ward 11 – Jeremy Schroeder
Ward 12 – Andrew Johnson
Ward 13 – Mike Norton

1. Kate Knuth or Sheila Nezhad
2. Sheila Nezhad or Kate Knuth
3. Definitely not Jacob Frey

Board of Estimate and Taxation (two seats)
1. Pine Salica
2. no recommendation

(I struggle with ranking anyone else for BET because Samantha Pree-Stinson failed to show up for several scheduled and rescheduled conversations, and Steve Brandt is too far towards the old guard for my taste.)

Park Board at large (three seats)
1. Tom Olsen
2. no recommendation
3. no recommendation

Park Board districts
District 2 – Eric Moran
District 3 – Becky Alper
District 4 – Jono Cowgill
District 6 – Risa Hustad

My criteria vary for each race, but include these factors:
1. Is this person good? (share my values)
2. Are their opponents especially bad?
3. How likely am I to be embarrassed later for having endorsed them?