Endorsement: Cam Gordon for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 2

This feels like a turning point in Minneapolis. In the final weeks of this election, here’s one thought that keeps coming to mind: we’re going to need Cam Gordon in the years ahead.

He’s a true legislator, with a record of accomplishment on housing. Whether that’s funding for affordable housing and public housing, fighting for renter protections, or pushing the envelope on legalizing more housing types. His support for workers against powerful economic interests is beyond question. As someone who walks, bikes, and takes the bus 100% of the time: I can say Cam Gordon is a key ally on transportation, pushing to change how we design our streets for safety and sustainability. The list of accomplishments on his website are long — and completely legit.

On public safety he was among the council members who pushed for the creation of the Office of Violence Prevention — and actually funding the public safety alternatives that most people say they support. Years before anyone else, he saw the issue with complete mayoral control of the police and put charter change on the table. If we pass a public safety charter amendment, we need Cam Gordon there to help our city get it right.

Cam has been around long enough to have seen the mistakes of this council when he was in the minority. As the body has shifted in his direction, he has led on important policy changes. I value his experience and institutional memory (in other words, I want him around to counter Lisa Goodman — something Naomi Kritzer has noted as well). I value his kindness, his decency, and his unique willingness to engage every side of a debate.

Make Cam Gordon your first choice for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 2.

Robin Wonsley would be my second choice in Ward 2. I would not rank Yusra Arab, who is against the public safety charter amendment and has campaign connections with the political orbit of Mayor Frey and his PAC “All of Mpls.”