Where to find Wedge LIVE during a time of transition

Wedge LIVE grew up on the micro-blogging platform called Twitter. It’s the format that suits me best and it’s fostered an incredible community, so it’s been hard to watch the destruction of the platform.

The original is still here: Most of the action is still happening on Twitter. I’ve heard from some that they miss being able to go directly to our Twitter profile without the hassle of logging in. You can still do that! Just go here: https://nitter.net/wedgelive

The alternatives aren’t ready: We are on Bluesky and Threads. There will be limited posting happening on these apps for the foreseeable future, as they still lack key features. I think Bluesky has the most promise as a Twitter alternative, but it’s still invite-only and is missing other important features.

The future: As these platforms develop we may switch to making them a priority, but neither one of them is ready.

The Wedge LIVE podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts. Video content and podcast episodes are posted to youtube.com/wedgelive.

Most importantly, please support Wedge LIVE on Patreon. And if you’re already doing so, thank you for keeping us alive and paywall-free during a time of transition.