Wedge Week In Review: 2320 Colfax Done?

We have the highlights from this week’s failed 2320 Colfax appeal. 90 minutes have been boiled down to seven. Lisa Goodman plays the role of parking hero–and cuts through the bullshit on variances. But, truly there’s no bigger Wedge Warrior than Janne Flisrand; despite a busy schedule, every time you turn on Channel 79, she’s making the case for requiring less parking.

The project goes forward! But, like our friends at MRRSVLD, we’re not sure this thing is over.

If today goes poorly, we’ll have a pre-demolition gathering at #2320Colfax, and everyone will fake a Fred-Sanford-style heart attack.
— MRRSVLD (@MRRSVLD) August 25, 2014