Ward 10 Endorsement: Lisa Bender

Nobody should be surprised I’m endorsing Lisa Bender. I agree with her on just about everything (even though I’m still shaking my fist at the Great Downzoning of 2016!). As someone who bikes, walks, and takes transit, I’m grateful for all that she’s done to make Ward 10 a safer place to travel. 
Bender is solidly on the City Council’s progressive wing in fighting for pro-worker policies and police reform. She leads the way on housing, towards a city that’s affordable for everyone. She’s a tireless advocate for street designs that serve people and neighborhoods, rather than just speeding cars.
What makes Lisa Bender the most exceptional member of the Minneapolis City Council: she’s incredibly knowledgeable, relentlessly productive, and completely transparent about her agenda. I’m constantly impressed by her willingness to do and say the right thing, sometimes at the risk of her own popularity. It’s a rare quality in an elected official; Lisa Bender isn’t trying to thread the needle of public opinion, she’s trying to do things that work for the most people, even the ones who don’t reliably vote.
Lisa Bender has my strongest possible endorsement. Minneapolis is lucky to have her.