Who Supports the Minneapolis 2040 Plan?

The final public hearing for the Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan is on Wednesday, November 14 (4:30 pm, City Hall). I’m guilty of spending a disproportionate amount of time talking about the critics and their apocalyptic arguments. But who are the supporters of the 2040 plan? What do they say?

The Mom. If you’re lucky enough to have a human life growing inside you, use that to your advantage. You’re able to tug at our heartstrings by talking about your hope for the future; a future with enough housing for everyone and a planet that isn’t completely on fire.

The Senior. If you’re not a senior, you’ll get there eventually. Housing needs can change over time. You want a comprehensive plan that promotes housing diversity in every neighborhood.

The Environmentalist. You’ve had enough of the climate change denialists. You understand that more people living in cities — closer to daily destinations and taking fewer car trips — is good for the environment. You know that cities need to lead on this issue, because Trump won’t.

The Traditionalist. You long for the time when just about everybody lived within walking distance of a grocery store — back when cities and neighborhoods were built for people rather than cars.

The Sassy Urbanist. The sassy urbanist has carefully crafted his testimony to go viral on Twitter by borrowing the “legalize it” language more commonly heard in the context of drug legalization campaigns. Duplexes and garage apartments are edgy — like drugs.

The Union Boss. A housing shortage that drives up the cost of living and pushes people into longer commutes is bad for workers and catastrophic for the planet.

The Planning Commissioner. Much like the environmentalist, you’ve had enough of climate change denial. You’re going to read from a United Nations report to show that the 2040 plan is exactly what an internationally recognized panel of climate scientists is recommending.