Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon is Growing a Beard

We’ve had a lot of time on our hands over the last month and a half. Many of us have spent more time with our electronic devices. Some people have picked up other hobbies. Instead of growing virtual fruit trees in the smash hit life-simulation video game Animal Crossing, Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon has grown a beard.

This is not his usual look, as a quick google search will show. (No attempt was made to reach Gordon for comment on this story.)

Gordon isn’t the only city leader experimenting with facial hair. For weeks, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was livestreaming his “sorry excuse for a beard” (his words) during weekly updates to the City Council. He shaved at some point in the days leading up to his State of the City Address last week.

Gordon’s colleague, Council Member Andrew Johnson found the least flattering angle to show off his beard during a March 27 City Council meeting: looking down into a webcam, directly under a ceiling light.

Council Member Jeremy Schroeder, who has long had a pre-existing beard, is differentiating himself by posting lots of photos of himself holding paper bags.

What are the non-beard-having members of the City Council doing as they work from home? Lisa Goodman displayed her knife collection.

Council Member Linea Palmisano is showing off her vintage Wellstone yard sign, from all angles.

As I was finishing up reporting on this story, it occurred to me that the only question left to answer was: what happens if you run photos of “before-times Cam Gordon” and “post-apocalyptic bearded Cam Gordon” through the highly regarded baby simulator website makemebabies.com? The unbearded result might surprise you.