MetroTransit Bus WiFi First Impressions

With WiFi being tested on select MetroTransit buses, we recently sat down for a conversation with a transit rider on a crowded 6 bus as it traveled south on Hennepin Avenue.

Bus Guy:
Am currently on wifi on a bus

Wedge LIVE: 
are you in space???????? [rocket emoji]

Feels like it!
Bus wifi would be pretty sweet if it were on all busses.

is it busses or buses?

I go with busses.

people are going to start tailgating buses just to steal wifi

On the other hand it’s a 6 and it’s packed
Think of the traffic repercussions

you’ll have to look up from your phone while you’re driving to keep track of those sweet wifi-emitting buses. oh, the humanity!

I’m only staring at the screen so I don’t have to look at anyone because there is nowhere to look.
It’s either people’s faces or their butts.

is it butts or buttses?
i feel like this conversation needs to go on as “interview with a man using wifi on the bus”

I wish to remain anonymous.
Some dude in white shorts and sunglasses keeps giving me the eyes.