Mapping the 10 Landlords Suing the City of Minneapolis Over Renter Protections

There are 10 landlords (spread across 43 legal entities) suing the city of Minneapolis over tenant screening restrictions passed by the City Council last year. The ordinance limits how far back a landlord can look into a tenant’s criminal or eviction history. It also prohibits the use of credit scores or insufficient credit history as a criteria to eliminate prospective tenants.

As I wrote last year:

“Nationally 30% of adults have an arrest or criminal record. That can make it much harder to find housing. And to the degree there are racial disparities in our criminal justice system (as of 2012, black people were arrested by Minneapolis police at 6.5 times the rate of the non-black population), this results in disparities in who is eligible for housing.”

A large majority of the 2,240 rental units listed in the lawsuit are located in the Wedge and Whittier neighborhoods.

Mint Properties1223
Kleinman Realty Co (KRC)669
MGM Property Management98
Steven Scott Management71
John Klinkner61
At Home Apartments53
Fletcher Management39
Simek Property Group14
Amy Smith8
Ray Peterson4

Here’s a map of the addresses.