Lisa Bender Expected to be Elected President of Minneapolis City Council

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In the Minneapolis City Council’s virtual one party system it can be tough to know how election results translate to actual governing. This morning we get answers to some of the big questions lingering since last November’s election, setting the stage for the next four years.

Who will be elected City Council President? 

It’s very likely Lisa Bender will become Council President. The other candidate is Andrea Jenkins.

The public vote for president is traditionally unanimous once it becomes clear which candidate has majority support. Privately Bender has had seven of 13 votes secured for a while: incumbents Cam Gordon and Andrew Johnson, joined by new members Steve Fletcher, Phillipe Cunningham, Jeremiah Ellison, and Jeremy Schroeder.

Andrea Jenkins had the support of Alondra Cano plus the four remaining incumbents who were part of President Barb Johnson’s coalition during the last term: Kevin Reich, Abdi Warsame, Lisa Goodman, and Linea Palmisano.

The council will also elect a Vice President, a Majority Leader, and a Minority Leader.

Who will lead new committees?

It’s important to note the obvious: large turnover on the council means large turnover on many committees, both in terms of membership and who chairs those committees.

Here are some committees to watch for changes (previous committee chairperson in parentheses):

  • Community Development & Regulatory Services (Goodman)
  • Transportation & Public Works (Reich)
  • Public Safety, Civil Rights & Emergency Management (Yang)
  • Zoning & Planning (Bender)
  • Ways & Means (Quincy)
Assuming Bender is elected president, she will not be back as chair of Zoning & Planning. Because Yang and Quincy were not reelected, they will definitely not be back as chairs of their respective committees. Lisa Goodman wields a ton of money and power from her position as chair of CDRS. Does she hold on to it?
Watch for the creation of new committees. An example from the beginning of last term: Community Development was combined with Regulatory Services as a gift from Barb Johnson to Lisa Goodman. 

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You can watch the first City Council meeting of the year at 11:30 on Channel 14.