Finding Bigfoot: Governor Tim Walz Spotted in Sasquatch Shirt

The official Twitter account for Minnesota Governor Tim Walz posted a photo Tuesday evening showing the Governor signing a $62 million Covid-19 relief bill while wearing a short-sleeve Sasquatch-print shirt. The shirt — which according to retailer REI, “celebrates the hirsute Sasquatch legend with a refined collar and interior logo jacquard tape” — is currently on sale for 50% off.

The creature, whose real life existence remains a matter of dispute, is depicted on the Governor’s shirt engaging in activities like walking through the woods, sitting around a camp fire, and hiding in a tree.

Cory Schreppel of St. Paul spotted the tiny Sasquatches just five minutes after the photo was posted. He asked the Governor, “Is this a bigfoot shirt, sir?”

Twitter user @mommacelestee replied, “Love Tim. Hate the shirt. Yes, I noticed immediately lol.”

Wedge LIVE acquired several close-up images of a shirt identical to the one in the tweet. After reviewing those images, we estimate there are well over 100 tiny Sasquatches on the shirt.

One key detail was not widely known until several hours after the Governor’s tweet: the presence of a second mythical beast. Minnesotans will be faced with this question in the coming days: What does it mean that their Governor, in the course of performing his official duties, with full knowledge he would be photographed, wore a shirt that depicts a bigfoot gesturing triumphantly while riding the Loch Ness Monster?

The Governor also received a warning about his choice of soda from @lakebabe2: “That Mountain Dew has flame retardant in it – brominated vegetable oil. Cheers!” You can’t believe everything you read in the replies — but this claim is true.

Commenting on the bright yellow beverage on the Governor’s desk, @TheRedState2020 hurled a mean tweet, “That’s Diet Mountain Dew which nobody likes. Just like Tim.”

Calls to the Governor’s office for comment were not returned, because those calls were never placed.