Channel 79 Instant Analysis: Historic White Castle

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johneapolis [11:59 AM]
yang giving shout out to constance vork on a historic matter.
yang seems like he just got back from eating too many sliders at lunch. can’t clear his throat.
HOLD UP, blong tried to make this historic?

410 W Broadway

fishmanpet [12:12 PM] 
is that the kemps thing?
kemps wanted to tear down some buildings and pave paradise and put up a milk truck parking lot or some junk

johneapolis [12:12 PM] 
parking lot is a reasonable thing to oppose but… not historic.

fishmanpet [12:13 PM]
it’s one of those things where the goal is good but the city lacks the tools to do anything but make it historic
it seems like it should be pretty easy to say “don’t tear down buildings for parking lots” in the code

johneapolis [12:14 PM] 
i know… or don’t put a one story drive thru bank in this particular area
lol yang talking about the history of white castle:

“historically significant as an early example of a white castle restaurant opening during the first year of the franchise’s expansion from kansas to minneapolis and coinciding with the company’s greatest period of growth from 1927 to 1930. the building is associated with broad patterns of cultural development in minneapolis… it might be on its last leg, but it still has a leg”

fishmanpet [12:25 PM] 
wait blong said that?
that’s amazing

johneapolis [12:24] 
seeds of a blog post: “bad zoning regulations force us to make laughable arguments about historicalness”
let’s be proactive here
zoning reform now: please, won’t you save blong from embarrassing himself?