App Matches Minneapolis Politicians to Their Fine Art Dopplegängers

Google now has an app that will match your face to fine art. I have determined you can point your phone’s camera at a computer screen to match Minneapolis politicians to faces in old paintings. Disclaimer: much like DNA testing services provided by sites like, these results are not 100% genetically accurate.

Kevin Reich, Ward 1.

Cam Gordon, Ward 2.

Steve Fletcher, Ward 3.

Phillipe Cunningham, Ward 4.

Jeremiah Ellison, Ward 5.

Abdi Warsame, Ward 6.

Lisa Goodman, Ward 7.

Andrea Jenkins, Ward 8.

Alondra Cano, Ward 9.

Council President Lisa Bender, Ward 10.

Jeremy Schroeder, Ward 11.

Andrew Johnson, Ward 12.

Linea Palmisano, Ward 13.

Mayor Jacob Frey.
The ubiquitous unflattering Star Tribune photo of former Mayor Betsy Hodges shows a 50% genetic match to a boy playing the bagpipes.
Former City Council President Barb Johnson.

Former mayoral candidate Tom Hoch.
I tried to run the eerily human face of Andrew Johnson’s dog through the Google fine art machine, but it couldn’t find a match. However, Wedge LIVE computers calculate that Andrew Johnson’s dog is a 99% genetic match to a painting of an Ewok.