2021 Candidates for Minneapolis Board of Estimate & Taxation

Editor’s note: In the months since this was first published, Christa Moseng has withdrawn her candidacy after taking a job that precludes her from engaging in political activity.

Pine Salica is the new Wedge LIVE endorsed candidate for Board of Estimate and Taxation.

There are two directly elected members of the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation. This is an obscure body of city government whose most noteworthy function is setting the maximum property tax levy that can be collected by the city to provide services that residents rely on. Other members of the BET are these four elected officials: the Mayor, the City Council President, another Council representative (traditionally the Ways & Means chair), and a Park Board representative.

The two directly elected members of the BET are paid a small amount for each meeting. This is not a job, it’s not even really a part time job — it’s more like a volunteer role. But you get to elect them. You may be thinking that having a volunteer elected position with a limited and obscure function is asking for a circumstance where voters accidentally elevate a disturbed personality to a position of perceived prominence. This is the ultimate low-scrutiny opportunity for a dangerous weirdo to get elected to something. Let’s not make that mistake again.

Here are your candidates for BET in 2021. None of them are yet named Carol, though this page will be updated if new candidates appear. And keep in mind you will be electing two.

Christa Moseng [Wedge LIVE Endorsed!] (dropped out)

Christa is an incredibly smart and passionate advocate for progressive causes who I’ve gotten to know and admire over the past few years. You can read some of her writing on streets.mn. In addition to being a delightful person, I just read her bio and was reminded she is an actual lawyer with serious credentials. I can pretty much assure you that Christa will respect the law and never engage in a ham-fisted attempt to steal the identity of an award winning local news website, as happened to a current member of the BET.

Call your trademark lawyer and tell them there’s no need to keep them on retainer, because Christa Moseng is Wedge LIVE Endorsed!

Samantha Pree-Stinson

Steve Brandt

Aaron Zellhoefer (dropped out)