2019 St. Paul Voter Guide

From housing to streets to policing to trash–there’s a lot at stake in local elections. And if you don’t vote, some super-involved assholes will make all these decisions for you. That’s the last thing you want to happen. If you live in St. Paul make sure you vote next Tuesday, November 5. City Council and School Board is up for election. There’s also a referendum on organized trash collection.

I can’t provide you with information about school board, but Naomi Kritzer can.

Trash Referendum: Vote Yes

Ward 1: Liz De La Torre (1) and Anika Bowie (2)

Ward 2: Rebecca Noecker

Ward 3: Chris Tolbert

Ward 4: Mitra Jalali Nelson

Ward 5: Amy Brendmoen

Ward 6: Terri Thao (1) and Nelsie Yang (2)

Ward 7: No Endorsement

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