Endorsement: Vote Yes on St. Paul Trash Referendum

Organized trash collection is an improvement over the every-household-for-themselves approach that St. Paul had prior to the current system. The illegal dumping. People denied service. Trucks coming down the alley every day from different hauling companies. The people who want you to Vote No are the same people who defended that old system.

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Endorsement: Mitra Jalali Nelson for Ward 4 on the St. Paul City Council (and Pumpkin of the Year 2019)

In case you missed it, Mitra Jalali Nelson is the Wedge LIVE! 2019 Pumpkin of the Year. We encourage residents of St. Paul’s Ward 4 to send her back for a full term on the City Council. She was first elected just over a year ago in a special election.

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Southwest Mpls Reacts to Plan for Affordable Housing

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Last night, Ward 13 Council Member Linea Palmisano hosted a meeting in the Fulton neighborhood to gather feedback on an idea to turn a city-owned parking lot near 50th and France into affordable housing. The lot is at 5028-5044 Ewing Ave S.

This is an early stage idea. Because this is a city-owned lot, criteria would be developed through extensive engagement with the neighborhood. The city would then put out a request for proposals from developers. The city would pick their preferred proposal — or pick none at all. Palmisano told residents at the meeting that she wants to do this “collaboratively” so that it brings “the least amount of disruption to the neighborhood as possible.”

At the beginning of the meeting Palmisano acknowledged she had already heard concerns about parking. To which the guy next to me said, “big time.” Palmisano promised “some amount of parking” included in any development. Parking concerns would go on to dominate much of the meeting.

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