Mohamed Issa Barre – MN House 60A

Tell us about a time — before you were a candidate for public office — where you felt strongly about a local/state political issue. Give an example of the action you took in response.

I was always the voice of our community. I’m a bridge between service providers agencies that provide service) and receivers (our community). Therefore, I’m perfect for being the forefront of the community to lead in the right direction.

If elected, what committee assignment would you like to receive and why?

Health and Human Service Committee, Environment and Justice Committees

Do you agree that we’re facing a climate emergency? If yes, what’s the appropriate emergency-level policy response?

To implement strict policies and rules that govern environmental abuses. Educate the community to be Environmentally Conscious.

Name some specific housing policies you would push as a legislator to make Minneapolis a more affordable place to find housing.

Housing for all – it is my first task since having a healthy community means giving a roof for families and children.

Can you identify anything the legislature currently gets wrong on transportation — and how you’d fix this?

Free busing will allow to enhance the environment since it is an incentive that will enable people to give up small cars.

Identify the top challenges facing schools in your area and how you’d address them.

Give students free food, free tutoring, and empower teachers. We need to invest in schools if we need to create a healthy community.

Name an issue area about which your own knowledge and experience are lacking. How are you learning more? Who do you turn to for advice?

I’m not an elected official. So, what I know is what observed from other elected officials that could NOT do what they promised. And because of that, I need to know what prevented them do what they promised before they get elected.

Do you see specific opportunities for the state legislature to support the work of — or remove obstacles for — the Minneapolis City Council and Mayor?

There must be some cooperation and collaboration. If I get elected, I’ll be a bridge between local jurisdiction and the state legislator.

Lightning Round – Short answers if possible.

What neighborhood do you live in?

Bottineau Neighborhood

Do you have a favorite Metro Transit bus route?

Buss # 11. Where does it take you? It takes me to downtown Minneapolis, MN.

What leadership experience do you have?

I’m a community activist, community organizer, and mobilizer.

Have you run for elected office before? Which one/s?

Yes, I run for elected office in 2017. It was Park board.

Do you support the Minneapolis 2040 plan?

I support and recommend 2040, while the intention is to have a fair system that allows people an affordable housing. If we work together for that common goal, I guarantee you that the plan may bring some change as the city is attracting many people.

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