MN House 60A Candidate Questionnaire

Early voting for the special primary election in Minnesota House district 60A has already begun. District 60A is located in Northeast Minneapolis. Primary election day for voters in 60A is January 21, 2020. The special general election for 60A is February 4, 2020.

Read responses from each candidate at the links below. Turnout will be extremely low. Your vote matters!

Mohamed Issa Barre – DFL
Piyali Nath Dalal – DFL
Amal Ibrahim – DFL
Jessica Intermill – DFL
Sydney Jordan – DFL
Sonia Neculescu – DFL
Saciido Shaie – DFL
Zachary Wefel – DFL
Susan Whitaker – DFL
Aaron Neumann – DFL

Aswar Rahman – DFL (no answers submitted)
Marty Super – Legal Marijuana Now (no answers submitted)