2017 Candidate Questionnaire: Andrea Jenkins – City Council, Ward 8

Andrea Jenkins

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Question 1: Thoughts on market rate development
Question 2: Ensuring an adequate supply of affordable housing
Quesiton 3: Encouraging housing diversity
Question 4: Restrictive/commercial zoning in neighborhood interiors
Question 5: Other thoughts related to housing or zoning

Question: How do you think the market rate housing development of the last several years has impacted Minneapolis?

It has created entirely new neighborhoods, along the Midtown Greenway, and Downtown, as well as long the riverfront. This has increased the tax base, but conversely has driven up property taxes and rental rates. Creating a shortage of affordable housing.

Question: What policies will you pursue to ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing in Minneapolis? Since state financing for affordable housing is limited, what additional funding sources would you seek? What are some alternative policies you’d pursue to remove barriers to housing affordability which would compensate for this lack of funding?

I support current efforts by the City Council to support more section 8 vouchers being accepted by Minneapolis Landlords. I think that new construction of market rate housing should contribute to affordable housing funds.

Question: The vast majority of Minneapolis is zoned exclusively for single-family homes, while most of the units we currently build are in large apartment buildings in or near downtown. Single-family homes and large apartment buildings tend to be more expensive per unit than missing middle housing (for example, a fourplex). How do we use the currently ongoing update to the Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan to allow a mix of housing types across Minneapolis that are less expensive to rent, own, and build? 

Having grown up in multi-unit housing, i.e. triplexes and duplexes, and I currently live in duplex, I believe it is an effective way to increase home ownership and create more affordable housing options. I think this approach should be included in the Comprehensive plan.

Do you think there’s a place for light commercial spaces like small cafes and corner stores in neighborhood interiors? Do you believe there are other areas where restrictive zoning has led to worse outcomes for neighborhoods?

I do believe that there should be opportunities in neighborhoods, in fact I work with current Councilmember Glidden and residents to develop such a node at 38th and Chicago.

Are there any other issues related to housing or zoning that you believe are important enough to address as a city council member? What specific policy goals would you pursue in this area?

Housing is a critical aspect of city living, we need a mix of affordable and market housing to stabilize neighborhoods and curb potential gentrification. I will continue to support efforts and policies that achieve these goals. Including raising the minimum wage so that folks can afford the housing that is available.