2017 Wedge LIVE / MSP yimby Candidate Survey

Wedge LIVE has partnered with MSP yimby for a housing-focused 2017 Minneapolis candidate questionnaire. Thanks to all the candidates who participated.

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Raymond Dehn (DFL)
Jacob Frey (DFL)
Tom Hoch (DFL)
Betsy Hodges (DFL)
Aswar Rahman (DFL)
Nekima Levy-Pounds (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 1
Jillia Pessenda (DFL)
Zachary Wefel (DFL)
Kevin Reich (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 2
Cam Gordon (Green)

Ward 3
Steven Fletcher (DFL)
Ginger Jentzen (Socialist)
Cordelia Pierson (DFL)
Samantha Pree-Stinson (Green)

Ward 4
Phillipe Cunningham (DFL)
Stephanie Gasca (DFL)
Barb Johnson (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 5
Jeremiah Ellison (DFL) – NO RESPONSE
Raeisha Williams (DFL – NO RESPONSE
Blong Yang (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 6
Abdi Warsame (DFL) – NO RESPONSE
Mohamud Noor (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 7 
Janne Flisrand (DFL)
Lisa Goodman (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 8
Andrea Jenkins (DFL)
Terry White (Green)

Ward 9
Gary Schiff (DFL)
Alondra Cano (DFL) – NO RESPONSE
Mohamed Farah (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 10
Lisa Bender (DFL)
Scott Fine (?) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 11
Erica Mauter (DFL)
Jeremy Schroeder (DFL)
John Quincy (DFL) – NO RESPONSE

Ward 12
Andrew Johnson (DFL)

Ward 13
Adam Faitek (DFL)
Linea Palmisano (DFL)

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